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'Crystal Bill' has trained in a variety of pottery and jewelry workshops, continues experimenting within the local community college system, private instruction, and has also been fortunate enough to spend a semester with the Art Institute of Chicago in a pottery/ wheel course. Bill is a member of the Clayworkers' Guild of Illinois, and the PMC Guild. He currently studies glass flameworking and is working on a fundraising project, donating glass jewelry to each of the local high schools.


He first learned jewelry techniques back in the early eighty's in dental school, now preferring not to make things look like teeth. Yet many of the techniques useful to intricate dental work immediately apply to jewelry fabrication.

The intent of this site is to start thoughtfully organizing and presenting work in order to learn and grow. Pictures tell a thousand words, and attention to details must occur in order to organize a presentable picture. 

I hope anyone visiting this site finds it interesting and over the years the presentations will hopefully become more and more intriguing.  At some point I hope to arrive at items that would be desired as gifts or keepsakes.  Until then, thank you for your interest.
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